With this weather comes an appreciation for warm and comfortable knit layers. In LA,  a knit sweater can be more than enough for the “colder days”. But, of course, I love a subtle detail to set the pace for the fit… enter the shawl knit cardigan.

A shawl instantly elevates any fit into feeling refined and polished and yet is super comfortable and cozy. Dress it up for work or dress it down for play….the possibilities are endless! I like to treat mine as a blazer wearing it over a classic sweatshirt and polo combo. The great thing about a fit like this is that it works perfectly well in the “9 to 5” environment and easily becomes a great “after hours” get up. Stay minimal with it and let the knits do the talking. The less details you wear underneath it, the more your fit will standout with the details of the shawl. Corduroy pants and a sleek pair of slip on boots complete the simple get up. Easy does it!


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