Soooo, summer is officially (and slowly) coming to an end but the weather is still warm (especially in LA). Sometimes you get that cool morning brisk and then midday, it is instantly hot! This is what I call “transition weather”For days like this, I like to go with an easy outfit that can easily work in warmer or cooler weather. By switching out the standard button down for a polo, you get that instant clean look but still easy enough to wear in warmer temps. Under a blazer, it looks polished and classic and if you lose the jacket, you will still keep that same effect.

I’ve been really gravitating to more traditional fits that are neutral in whatever “season” you are in. The rule about white denim jeans, forget about it!! Dare to wear those white jeans in the fall. They look super cool with black and grey details throughout. Throw on a grey blazer to add yet another layer of color and an instant balance between the white and the black.

How do you do “transition weather”? Let me know and comment below!!




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