One of my favorite things to do (and “rule of thumbs” wink wink) is mixing and matching various pieces. And by that, I don’t just mean breaking up your suits (although, that is always a great thing to do!). I mean mixing bold patterns with classic solids or taking a classic blazer and pairing it with a great shirt. Mixing and matching not only creates a unique look, it allows for pieces in your closet to be multifunctional.

For this fit, I wanted to create a look that was on the classic side but still had a modern updated vibe to it.To create this fit, I started with a clean and classic yet modern and “never out of style” Gordon Rush derby. It’s a clean and sleek lace up that pairs great with denim or a great suit. Of course, I instantly knew my color combo would be grey and blue… it just doesn’t get any classier than that (ok, I know some of you might argue this with black). The “should be in every man’s closet” navy blazer and white shirt combo is always a winner but the true knockout is pairing them with fitted slim checkered pants. They give the fit that subtle boldness and provide a great balance between modern and classic.

Fellas, get out there and mix and match. I guarantee, not only will you have a unique outfit, you will be thoroughly pleased with the outcome!

with respect and in style,

J Fig

Blazer: H&M, Tie: The Tie Bar, Pants: Topman, Shoes: Gordon Rush


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