It’s that time again…. the holidays are officially here (literally already next week!!) and although, I love buying gifts for my close friends and family, I am always the person that waits last minute to get his shopping done! I don’t know why I always do it to myself but, it never fails me! Since I am sure I am not the only one getting his last minute shopping done, I figured I would compile a list of gifts that are essential and perfect for any man in your life…. whether he is a high-end savant to an everyday kinda guy, these gifts are guaranteed to be a great gift!


I’m all about having music playing around me 24/7 and this speaker is perfect for that. Easily my TOP PICK this year, the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker is the perfect gift for any person in your life. This water-proof, rough and tough powerhouse packs a loud punch in the best way possible. I’ve had this speaker and it has literally traveled with me from the beach to overseas and its been such a great addition to my everyday life. The sound is amazing and, at a moderate price point, you will definitely get the best BOOM for your buck!


I know that there are 101 clays out there but nothing comes close to this one, the Forte Series Texture Clay. Created by my good friend and “hair god” Alex Costa ( I mean, have you seen his hair?), I knew that this was going to knock it out of the park… and boy, was I right? This clay is no joke. With the most smallest amount, this high hold-low shine clay will keep your hair looking great throughout the whole day. This pomade is perfect for the guy on the go who like a more “messy” look or the guy who loves to make sure his hair looks in tip top shape.


If you’ve caught on by now, this list is bringing you gifts that are useful and essential to every kind of guy in our lives. Now, I love to work out so being sore is a constant in my life. Enter in the Hyperice – Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage device. Listen, getting massages adds up so why not get the active man in your life a massage for years to come. This machine right here is perfect after a workout or even when I am feeling the stress of the day (which happens often, right?) It legit is a game changer… leaving you feeling like a new man after just 15 minutes.


I just did a full blogpost dedicated to this ASOS sweater (read it here). I am usually a “stick to classic basic staples” kinda guy but I was instantly hooked on this oversized sweater. Seriously, from the color to the fit, this is THE sweater for the winter season and every guy should have one readily handy in his closet.


When it comes to clean white kicks, the options are endless. There are so many great choices out there but none compare to these Taft hi-tops right here! Worth every penny, these kicks are definite standouts from the sea of white. They are sturdy and made with so much attention to detail. Plus, the guy behind this company (who happens to be a good friend) couldn’t be the most stylish yet humble and kind human I know.


This is the gift that gives year round. Easily my all time favorite fragrance, this one will work year round for all moments… plus, TOM FORD! The bottle in itself is a hint of sophistication. I keep my bottle in the living room as part of the vibe for the room. But, back to the smell… this one is it! It hits all the right notes in the nose (pun intended)


As you all know my motto… subtle with a hint of bold… these are the pants version of that! They are sleek and skinny yet have a touch of boldness to them that make them stand out from your normal black pants. These will lighten up any fit and are as versatile as they come (and I love versatile) These will be perfect for the fine-dressed gentlemen or someone looking to spruce their game up.


I’ve newly converted to the church of the heel and these ASOS boots do not disappoint. These are the perfect addition to your fashion forward gent in your life looking to step up his game (pun intended) These sleek boots are attention grabbers and will make a statement. A great gift for the people that love to step outside the box.


Nothing says “great gift” like gold. You know I live for my gold chain and this Miansai version is perfect! This gift is perfect for any guy… whether he is a fashion forward savant to someone who likes to wear a little hint of detail, nothing says it more than a gold necklace. Plus, it’s sophisticated and can be worn year round (I know I do!)


I just recently had this red blend and was blown away. It is aged in a bourbon barrel so it has woodsy notes but it goes down so smooth. This is the gift you give to your favorite host with the most or that friend who enjoys the finer things in life. Plus, it looks great on any wine rack.


Shades, sunnies, glasses… who can live without them? I wear mine daily (especially these) and they make for a perfect gift for any man. This oval shape compliments most (if not all) faces and the timelessness of Ray-Ban means that this pair will pair with anything. I’ve worn these with everything from athleisure to a suit and never feel like they don’t belong. These will make the best stocking stuffer for the stylish man in your life.


This is more than just a gym bag… it doubles as a day duffle with its many pockets and sleeves and will keep your life organized throughout the day. The canvas material makes it durable and practical and yet its size is sleek and chic and will make other gym bags quiver. From your gym-goer to your daily commuter, the man in your life will appreciate the durability of this bag.


Journaling is something I practice daily and there is no better gift for the practical man than a journal. Perfect for jotting quick thoughts to drawing out the map for you future, a notebook changes everything. This Moleskine is perfect as it fits perfectly in any day bag, briefcase or backpack. Its minimal sleekness makes it a great book to make any desk shine as well.

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