“tis the season… to start layering! Yes, that’s right, it’s beginning to feel like fall around here (in sunny LA!) and, slowly but surely, winter fits are starting to make an everyday appearance. I put together this doozy of a classic layered fit that is perfect for so many occasions. The trick, warm neutral layers! 

During the holidays, I like to keep warm in minimal fits that can transition for any occasion. Pairing a classic clean suit with the comfort and laid back vibe of an oxford and sweater means that I have endless options with the fit. For example, this waffle sweater easily casuals up the take on fall suiting while its form-fitting size still keeps it clean and polished for the office. The oxford shirt instantly gives it a dressed up approach but skipping the tie also adds to its casual laid back spirit.

But, for me, what brings this fit together is actually the neutral color story. Sticking to a color choice (in this case, using the navy sweater as the focal point), I can easily create a fit that is going to look classic and professional without it actually being a “get up”. Sticking to a muted color palette allows for versatility and functionality as this fit can go from day to night with no changes necessary. Also, the streamlined choices keeps it all concise and clean which is what you want to achieve with a minimal fit.



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