Looks like LA is starting to get its first glimpse of what the summer has in store. Perfect excuse to break out some brighter color chinos to lighten up the vibe. I’m a sucker for bold colors and this green is no exception.

Wearing a bold pair of chinos means that the rest of the fit will be subtle… thats how you balance the brightness. Of course, going with a classic white and blue color combo is the best way to keep it modern yet clean and polished. Now, for the more daring type (hello!!!), go with a funky tie. You’ve already made it this far with the tie, why not go all the way? A funky print tie adds an extra layer of detailing that is a surefire way to get noticed.

Keep the rest of the details clean and minimal, like a simple gold watch and fresh pair of shades. Go with a more lax shoe like these suede lace ups and you are set.

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