Spring is officially here! Though the weather is a bit funky lately, soon it will be nothing but sunshine. The easiest spring move I am making to my wardrobe this spring?? GOING BOLD IN BLUE! You all know that I love a blue suit but what I love even more? A bold blue suit. My second spring look with Bar III is as bold as it comes!

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Step into spring in patterned pants!! The traces of winter (do we really have winters in LA?) are slowly fading and with that comes fun under the sun. Great reason to break out patterns and colors and spots and stripes… well, you get my drift. Continue Reading


Looks like LA is starting to get its first glimpse of what the summer has in store. Perfect excuse to break out some brighter color chinos to lighten up the vibe. I’m a sucker for bold colors and this green is no exception. Continue Reading


Nothing like a perfectly tailored navy suit and pink for spring! I teamed up with Bar III to show you three looks that you are sure to catch me in this spring. Never one to shy away from a bold yet subtle approach, I paired this classic navy suit with a bright pink shirt and a blooming floral tie.

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A bold mix of black and white can be just as captivating as any mix of loud colors and patterns. After all, this mix will ALWAYS be a surefire winner and the reason why this paring becomes the “daily uniform” for many people in various careers. It is the most easiest move to make yet will standout loud and clear.  Continue Reading

Daily cup of cafecito ”El Cafe Del Futuro” Scholarship with Cafe Bustelo

As a first generation Latino and son of immigrant parents, I am also the first one in my family to go to college. With very little knowledge of the college system, my parents always knew that their kids would go to college and they set that precedent while raising us. School was THE most important part of growing up.

Growing up in a first generation household made things much more difficult because my parents didn’t “just know” what the steps to get to college were or the scholarships that were available to them. What they did know was the importance of education and made sure we stayed focus on school.  Continue Reading


Suiting up for the day doesn’t always mean putting on an actual suit…. stepping up your work game is easy with one simple move, throwing on a blazer jacket. The trick into pulling off this “casual smart” fit is all in the actual choice of jacket.

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new week, new blues… or, in this case, some classic staple blues that should always live in your closet. As you all know, two of the pieces that I consider “Top 5 Must Haves” are the regular wash denim jacket and the classic navy blue knit tie.

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