Not all hair is created equal and not all hair style is styled the same way! That is a common misconception I think most people have… they think that one hair product is all you need to get the hair style you want. But, that’s so far from the truth! Depending on the type of hair you have or the style you are trying to achieve, the products you use can and will make or break the whole thing.

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Let’s face it! I’m not getting any younger… haha. But, with age comes growth and one of the ways I have really started “adulting” in my 30s is by taking better care of my skin and face. And why not? Self care is much needed and like the saying goes “treat yoself!” And I really have been treating my self well and stress free thanks to Walmart. That’s right… Walmart has become self care central.

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To know me is to know that I am hardly ever home… I don’t know what it is but I am always on the move! From meetings, to workouts or just casual hang out with friends… one thing is for sure! My hair has to always be on point. My trick? I always carry hair products with me… I mean, you never know when you will need to redo the do at any given moment! 

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Wearing black is usually thought of something you do in the fall and winter… well, doing it in spring or summer can be just as easy with some simple and lightweight tweaks. Read on, for some of my favorite (and easy) tips! Continue Reading


Ok, ok… I didn’t mean an actual band (although, I do enjoy great concerts). I am talking about my latest favorite style move, the camper shirt, your button down’s cooler younger cousin with style… seriously, I picked this one from Kenneth Cole and I am hooked. Gave it a more “office friendly” approach and loved the minimal classic vibes that came from it all with some simple moves….

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Fellow readers!! I am going to start this new segment called “Everyday J” – everyday casual outfits for everyday occasions… whether it’s a lax weekend, random coffee meet up or an off duty day, these fits are easy to throw on with little hassle and great style moves. Let’s get started….

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Finally, LA is getting its well deserved winter breeze!  We are a few days into January and the weather is gloomy and darker than what is expected of (always) sunny LA! Perfect excuse to wear darker shades and heavier fabrics… my favorite combo ever (blue and grey) gets the winter treatment! Continue Reading


It’s that time of year in LA… the time of year where it actually feels like winter. Although we still have sunny blue skies, the evenings feel crisp and cool and layering isn’t just a fashion statement but a must! My one go-to piece…  a classic navy peacoat.

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INTO THE BLUE feat. The Tie Bar

I love wearing a great suit and this suit has been on fall rotation lately. But, like i have side before… it’s the details that make the outfit. It’s ALL in the details! This holiday, I teamed up with my good friends over at The Tie Bar to create the Essentials Box, a starter box curated with your “must have items” for any suiting occasion.

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“tis the season… to start layering! Yes, that’s right, it’s beginning to feel like fall around here (in sunny LA!) and, slowly but surely, winter fits are starting to make an everyday appearance. I put together this doozy of a classic layered fit that is perfect for so many occasions. The trick, warm neutral layers!  Continue Reading