Not all hair is created equal and not all hair style is styled the same way! That is a common misconception I think most people have… they think that one hair product is all you need to get the hair style you want. But, that’s so far from the truth! Depending on the type of hair you have or the style you are trying to achieve, the products you use can and will make or break the whole thing.

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Summertime in LA seems like it’s officially here ALL.YEAR.LONG!! I mean, we are at the end of a October and it is hot! (It’s currently 96 degrees as I type this!) Well, I found the best way to make lemonade out of these lemons and post a great fit perfect for random summer weather (like this random LA heat) or for those that tend to get away to warmer temperatures during the winter.

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To live in LA is to know that there is a certain time period in the weather between summer and fall that just makes no sense. The mornings are cool, the days are (really) hot and the evenings cool down just as quick as it got hot. I call this LA’s “fifth season”, pre-fall! Yes, ladies and gents, pre-fall is a thing so I decided to give you all some quick tips on how to pull off the perfect casual fit in this random weather with some staple pieces from Penguin. Penguin is known for their clean-cut, classic Americana in modern cuts perfect for today so pulling this fit together was a doozy.

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Wearing black is usually thought of something you do in the fall and winter… well, doing it in spring or summer can be just as easy with some simple and lightweight tweaks. Read on, for some of my favorite (and easy) tips! Continue Reading


It’s finally here y’all…. It’s finally here!! WINTER IN LA!! hahaha. Well, it’s finally starting to feel like winter in LA with cool winds and even rain. Of course, that gives Angelenos (and myself) any excuse to break out some winter layering. Now, I’ve been eyeing this “teddy bear coat” trend for a minute and… consider me on board! It’s such a good balance of warmth and comfort and yet stylishly cool and effortless. Continue Reading


Working from home can take a minute to get used to… luckily, I have gotten into a good morning routine that makes being a freelance menswear blogger that much easier. I am all about making moves that make life easier and free up mental space to create. Now, as you all know, I am a coffee drinker… better yet, a cold brew coffee drinker. So, when Cuisinart reached out to partner up with them on their GENIUS cold brew maker, it was a no-brainer… of course I was on board. All throughout the day, you will catch me sipping on a cold brew and nine out of ten I am walking around with a cup (as you have seen in several of my pictures!) Excited to share what my mornings are like while getting ready for the day. Continue Reading


Sooo, as you all know, I live by the idea of taking classic pieces and giving them a modern touch. That’s why I was super excited when I had the chance to pair up with a classic brand this is synonymous with preppy cool, Sperry…. They recently released their Gold Cup line, a huge selection of timeless classics with a modern touch, perfect for today’s man.  Continue Reading


Hey guys!! I know I tend to go MIA on the site (sorry!!) but I am trying to bring it back with more daily content that is real time. As much as I enjoy curating outfits for more “editorial vibes”, I do miss the days where I would post what I was wearing that very same day…. well, can’t say I will do it daily but I will definitely aim to do it way more often. Since LA has still been pretty gloomy (and all around confused), layers have been my go-to weapon of choice to tackle the day in!

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Being from LA, I am always inspired by the more casual approach to any outfit. Whether it be for a day at the office or a laid back day about town, the feeling of being “dressed to impress” always brings out a confidence and relaxed vibe. I love to have fun with clothing and always look for ways to mix up the classic statement pieces and give them a modern twist. Canali is a perfect example of my approach to style: with their clothing collection, they stay modern and fresh while keeping true to the classic roots from their Italian heritage. From there ready to wear pieces to their laid back casual cool, every piece is a standout.. here are just a few of my favorites. Continue Reading


Stepping out of my comfort doesn’t always mean trying something new or daring. I’ve been wanting to step up (or change up) my style game with a more minimal and refined approach yet with a taste of class and sophistication. Of course, I immediately gravitate towards French vibes. The French have a way of making the most minimal outfits look so rich and clean.

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