Well, the sun is out and its starting to feel a lot more like summer than spring in LA. I took a small hiatus from my playlist but IM BACK!! Here is a mix of jams (old and new, of course) that are feeling real good this week. Continue Reading

Daily cup of cafecito ”El Cafe Del Futuro” Scholarship with Cafe Bustelo

As a first generation Latino and son of immigrant parents, I am also the first one in my family to go to college. With very little knowledge of the college system, my parents always knew that their kids would go to college and they set that precedent while raising us. School was THE most important part of growing up.

Growing up in a first generation household made things much more difficult because my parents didn’t “just know” what the steps to get to college were or the scholarships that were available to them. What they did know was the importance of education and made sure we stayed focus on school.  Continue Reading



One of my all time favorite holidays has always been Labor Day. Why? Because it’s a three day weekend in late summer with just the right amount of heat and sun that make the days feel that much nicer. This past weekend was nothing short of that hanging with some of the coolest guys I know; Blake, Ty, and Perkens.

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