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July 2018


In the heat of it all (pun definitely intended) in a neverending summer that seems like it is here to stay!! Not going to lie, the harsh heatwaves can make wanting to dress up difficult. My easy and always sleek go-to move? Pair your favorite lightweight shirt in a fun print with your suit slacks.

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Working from home can take a minute to get used to… luckily, I have gotten into a good morning routine that makes being a freelance menswear blogger that much easier. I am all about making moves that make life easier and free up mental space to create. Now, as you all know, I am a coffee drinker… better yet, a cold brew coffee drinker. So, when Cuisinart reached out to partner up with them on their GENIUS cold brew maker, it was a no-brainer… of course I was on board. All throughout the day, you will catch me sipping on a cold brew and nine out of ten I am walking around with a cup (as you have seen in several of my pictures!) Excited to share what my mornings are like while getting ready for the day. Continue Reading


Sooo, as you all know, I live by the idea of taking classic pieces and giving them a modern touch. That’s why I was super excited when I had the chance to pair up with a classic brand this is synonymous with preppy cool, Sperry…. They recently released their Gold Cup line, a huge selection of timeless classics with a modern touch, perfect for today’s man.  Continue Reading